After nearly a decade in the electronic music business and well over 200 shows Esscala has been at the forefront of showcasing some of the best global talent across genres in NYC. The culmination of  our efforts has resulted in the Esscalation Music Festival, a weekend extravaganza of psy-trance, trance and progressive. This promises to be an unforgettable experience and they can't wait to deliver it to their fans and supporters.

Fri June 14: Vini Vici, Astrix, Ace Ventura by Yoni Oshrat, Alpha Portal, Liquid Soul (official), Captain Hook, Perfect Stranger.

Sat June 15: John O'Callaghan Official, Simon Patterson, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Will Atkinson, Sean Tyas, Mark Sherry, Cold Blue, Factor B


Special Rooftop Party (Statement Recordings) Sat June 15: Ruben de Ronde, RODG, Elevven and Gardenstate.

"We are excited to partner with Olympus Labs as our official sponsor for Esscalation Music Festival." says Zubin Shetty co-owner of Esscala.

The Esscala team is happy to announce that they have found a like-minded sponsor for Esscalation Music Festival, who not only loves electronic music, but whose product reflect the boundless energy that countless fans bring to their shows. We present to you, Olympus Lyfestyle!

OL Lyfestyle Experience:
Olympus Lyfestyle is bringing a whole new experience to the Esscalation Music Festival this year for their huge Lyfestyle Launch Party. Make sure to enter your information into their Lyfestyle Guest List to get an OL Speed Entry Pass and a fun FREE  Lyfestyle Party Pack ( that you can pick up at the entrance) and to possibly win 2 FREE tickets!

About Olympus Lyfestyle formerly Olympus Labs:
Olympus Lyfestyle formerly Olympus Labs' leads the industry in cutting edge health and fitness supplements, from flavoring systems to industry first innovative formulations and bringing new ingredients to market. Each component of the company's process is handmade centered around the tastes of our varying customer groups - who they referti as "heroes".  You will not find a greater fitness customer experience anywhere else like theirs, because they are committed to making the best product for your health and fitness needs and earn customer's trust.

Olympus Labs was founded in 2013 by young and aspiring entrepreneur Mujtaba Khawaja. As an avid consumer himself, Mujtaba had a clear vision after seeing a need in the industry and took steps to do something about it. Supplements were no longer a commodity as the market took one step forward and became more immersed/educated. He saw supplements as transitory aids in consumers lives and tools to help people reach their goals, so he set out to create the perfect tools for a successful line of products and successful brand. With formulation innovation, Olympus has tightened and furthered its branding position to a pioneer status and has been widely recognized in doing so in the process with being a top 'Stack3d' brand for 3 consecutive years, have earned a Supplement Reviews Trusted Brand Award and earned a "Shield Of Excellence" from Fitness Informant.

Calm before the Storm:

Introducing Olympus Lyfestyle a brand aimed at taking the fitness and music industry by storm and ultimately designed to merge these two audiences to provide healthy lifestyle choices and guide whatever your pursuit may be. Their primary goal as a brand is to create a positive culture that resonates with today's developing and maturing audience that their loyal following can call a 'lifestyle'.  They strive to create a strong sense of community with the avid fitness consumers and the electronic music fan base to create a cohesive family by providing high energy uplifting products that serve to combine everyone's fitness and health goals.


The Harsh Truth:
It's safe to assume that EVERYONE who is into fitness is into at least one form of musical genre. Olympus aims to combine musical inspiration with fitness, however there is one underlying issue, we must work together to defeat poor lifestyle choices associated with the electronic music industry. People work hard to stay healthy mentally and physically through diet, setting up positive goals, and embracing fitness into their life but when they go to experience nightlife or musical settings they are surrounded by unhealthy choices such as alcohol or other substances, which ultimately brings highs and lows, creating unhealthy and dangerous results for oneself.


The Solution:
You don't need downers or intoxication to enjoy music and nightlife. Uplifting music needs uplifting products with no downers or adverse health results!

Olympus Lyfestyle will create a healthier lifestyle for all consumers, through uplifting supplements that increase energy, mood, and focus as well as an additional array of health and performance benefits for this cross channeled audience. On top of this, they will provide content to provide healthier lifestyle choices ranging from nutritional diets, workout plans, and product-related content to help breakdown the advanced science and make it easy for you as a consumer to understand and experiment! They aim to provide a lot of fun and inspiring content that brings everyone back to their roots of both musical and fitness industries!  Olympus' products will also be guaranteed to be drug-free so everyone can enjoy them!

Olympus Labs does not view it's consumers as an 'audience' but rather as individuals that have their own unique story. Their mission is to promote an uplifting vibe created through music and fitness to relate with your story so it may inspire others who are seeking inspiration and motivation to continue their journey into a healthy lifestyle. As a brand, they ask "What's Your Story?" Because everyone has a story, and every story has a hero.

It's all about positivism! Olympus wants to give YOU the platform to share your stories because THEY care about your progress and so will other community members. Share your story, struggles, and what helped you triumph to get to where you are and embrace a healthier lifestyle so you may serve as the models for those who are still finding themselves through life and setting / accomplishing their health and fitness goals.

Peace Love Unity Respect - Why not combine the electronic music family with the fitness family to create the new Olympus Lyfestyle Family? Seems like a match made in heaven. Expect authentic partnerships with DJ's and an elevated sense of culture in the next few weeks. Olympus' looks forward to you joining their family! 

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