Rohan Kranti


Co-Founder / Managing Director

Zubin Shetty


Co-Founder / Logistics Director

David Guzman


Marketing & Design Director

Matt Felner


Talent Buyer Director

Esscala Entertainment


Esscala Entertainment did not start as a company; it started as the desire of two passionate dance music enthusiasts to throw one great party that no one would ever forget. From a fan’s perspective it was simple, amazing music + fantastic atmosphere

+ passionate crowd = successful party. To that end we brought together artists that we loved and decided to host the party on a yacht in sunny Miami. While the first two pieces of the puzzle took some effort the final one was a cinch. As it turns out, putting an event together as a fan tends to attract loads of passionate like minded fans. The success of our party surpassed even our wildest expectations, we had fans thanking us and the artists telling us that it was one of the most amazing parties they had attended. That’s when we thought – why stop now? Esscala Entertainment is now more than just an idea, it the crystallization of a lifelong passion for Electronic Music. However, our motto will always remain the same, to give the fans unforgettable experiences – one great party at a time.



For All Esscala Events' Press Requests please send email to: david [at] esscalaentertainment [dot] com

(To be approved for press coverage to any of our upcoming events, please submit a preview and event post links from your media website via email and send names of the writers attending. Note we have a No Photo Policy for media. Photos of our events can be retrieved from our fan page and used with proper credits.)